The theme of the International Conference will be “Reimagining Rainfed Agroecosystems- Challenges & Opportunities”. Tentatively there will be following sub-themes for the Conference. Each sub-theme will have a separate symposium.

Broad Sub-Themes

  • 1) Resilience through land and water management interventions, water management and governance.
  • 2) Ecosystem based approaches for climate change adaptation, ecosystem services, integrated farming system models and Land degradation neutrality.
  • 3) Managing genetic resources for enhanced stress tolerance.
  • 4) Sustainable soil management, conservation agriculture, organic farming, INM, soil-microorganisms-plant interactions.
  • 5) Emerging approaches for biotic and abiotic stress management through big data analytics, precision farming, remote sensing, drone technology, AI, ML, Nanotechnology, modelling
  • 6) Institutional and policy innovations for accelerated and enhanced impacts.