There will be five categories of presentations:

  • Plenary
  • Invited
  • Oral
  • Rapid fire
  • Poster

Plenary Lectures:

Eminent Scientists/Administrators in agriculture will be invited to deliver special lectures on the topics related to eco system services, food production and policy, farming systems research, climate change, conservation agriculture, energy, environment, water governance and management, input use efficiency, etc.

Invited papers:

Six Symposia have been planned on the sub-themes of the Conference as listed above. Selected speakers will be invited to make their presentations on the subthemes of the conference.

Oral presentations:

Selected papers will be presented as oral presentations under each Sub-theme after Invited Papers information

Rapid fire presentations:

Selected papers will be presented as rapid fire presentations under each Sub-theme.

Poster presentations:

There will be an organized Poster Session covering the themes identified in the Symposia to encourage wider interaction and information sharing. The papers contributed for Poster Session will be screened and each Poster Session will have a Convener and Co-convener. The Conveners/Co-conveners will prepare and present Summary of the concerned Poster Session. This will permit discussion and help in formulation of meaningful recommendations.