The awardees need to register themselves as delegates. Interested candidates for submission of various awards are requested to follow the guidelines given in respective applications and send before deadline to given address in the respective forms.

Indian Society of Dryland Agriculture, ICAR-CRIDA invites applications for various awards including:

Download Applications for the Awards
Award Name Download
Dr. J. Venkateswarlu Award for Dryland Agriculture Research-2020 Award Information Application
Dr. J. Venkateswarlu Award for Dryland Agriculture Research-2021 Award Information Application
ISDA Fellow-2021 Application
Dr.K.L.Sharma_Young_Scientist Award-2021 Application
ISDA Best Ph.D. Thesis Award-2021 Application
ISDA-Best_Master's_ thesis_ award_2021 Application
The awards would be given during International Conference on "Reimagining Rainfed Agroecosystems- Challenges & Opportunities" to be held at ICAR-CRIDA Hyderabad during 22- 24, December, 2022.